DriverCure 1.5

Publisher: ParetoLogic Inc.
Version: 1.5

Pros: Reliable and stable driver updates. Great support options.

Cons: A bit short on features.

The verdict: DriverCure is a very user-friendly program that is great for basic driver management. The features are very basic, but they work, which is the important thing.

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Rank #4 of 4 in Driver Update Software. See the side-by-side comparisons.
DriverCure review.Legend Fair

DriverCure is a driver updating software with a very basic set of features. However, using this program makes it clear that even a limited feature set can be very effective. This application has fewer features than a lot of similar programs, but what it has works perfectly. We also found DriverCure fast and smooth.

DriverCure's interface is its strongest point. The program has a very good feel to it and is very intuitive. All features are easy to find and just as easy to use.

Features: DriverCure's feature set is a bit limited. But that doesn't make the software less effective. It provides all the tools necessary to scan a computer for outdated drivers and install updates if necessary. There is also a useful option to schedule scans. However, it's a shame that there is no backup and restore feature, because that could lead to problems in case of an incorrect driver update.

Ease of use: DriverCure is one of the most user-friendly and easy to use applications we've reviewed thanks to its clear and intuitive interface. All the features are as user-friendly as they can be. This tool has the nicest and smoothest interface of all the applications we reviewed.

Effectiveness: DriverCure scan took a bit longer to scan our testing machine than its competitors, but it was worth it. The scan results were very comprehensive and proved to be extremely accurate. The driver update itself was very quick and smooth.

Help and Support: DriverCure has a help button that allows the users to open a help manual. In addition to that, ParetoLogic did everything to make it easy to reach technical support from their website. For a start, there is an very thorough Q&A database where users can find answers to a lot of questions. In addition to that, DriverCure's support team can be reached by email, chat, and phone. The company also has a Twitter account, so any Twitter user can send them a direct message.

Summary: DriverCure proved to be an effective tool to update device drivers. It's clear that ParetoLogic is dedicated to making their software both effective and user-friendly.